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Hi! I'm Nina

If I could be so bold, I will make the claim that I can divide my adult life into thirds. 

The first third is marked by busyness; living in the city, homeschooling 4 young children, growing a fitness and wellness business alongside my husband, running a boot-camp and a farmers market stand, with a schedule that left little margin for idleness.


The dividing line ("New Mercies") sliced it's way through in the summer of 2017 and landed my family to where I am today, living in a borrowed country farmhouse on a river. It is marked by mornings walks in the sunrise, by empty and open hands, by dancing in the kitchen, hikes with my kids, and the practice of journaling.

The pace is slow. The peace is supernatural.   

It is from this middle third that I hope to speak to my reader my ongoing process of reclaiming, bit-by-bit and in practical terms, the life that my first third promised but failed to deliver. This reclamation is marked by presence over performance, by choosing what is better over what is convenient, where the "I should's" are replaced by passionate "yeses" or purposeful "no's". It is the perfect set up for a the final third, don't you think? 

Dear reader, thank you for joining me on these many reclamation projects, for our health, our hearts and our wholeness... 


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